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i think you deserve to work with someone who's been in your shoes, and walks the walk.

What sets me apart is I am an entrepreneur myself, with over a decade of experience ranging from technology to eCommerce. I am currently the founder of an actual business (not just this one). I actually do the things that I teach, every single day. 

I have experience raising venture capital, growing businesses that were acquired by major companies, starting a socially responsible accessories company in the Amazon Rainforest, and more. I may have a fancy MBA but what really matters is the equally unfancy hard knocks I've gained along the way.

If you are a hard working entrepreneur who has found yourself where the rubber meets the road - you don't need anecdotal advice from a business book or cutesy "girl boss" stuff. You need the real deal.


After spending my early career in corporate jobs, constantly stressed and demotivated, I was so over it. I'd dabbled in a lot of small businesses before joining a tiny software start-up. We raised $1.8 Million dollars, scaled the business, and were acquired by the largest company in our industry, (which eventually had an IPO) - all within a year.

I've pitched to huge audiences at some of the most well known accelerators there are, started and been a part of multiple businesses, and even started an international company based out of the Amazon Rainforest.

So, when it came time to start the next business, I thought I had everything figured out. 

was I ever wrong...

Let me tell you about the worst night of my entire life...

After my life turned into the real life rendition of Lemony Snicket (As in "series of unfortunate events") I found myself living in a tiny, no-heat, temporary apartment in the dead of winter. (Like your grandpa's old stories).

I'd spent the last year adding capabilities (aka: complexity), growing a team (aka: expenses), and pitching for investment (aka: asking for money). To be completely honest, I thought an investor would swoop in and save the day. (Which looking back now, is ridiculous).

I was beyond afraid. I was terrified, and also ashamed. I made a vow to myself that never again would I not understand exactly what systems and processes were required to bring clients, sales and cold hard cash in.

So I dedicated myself for a year to growth, and getting my head on straight. 


When I started looking around at others who taught entrepreneurs, I saw a lot of great people who inspired me. I also saw a lot of people who did not have the experience.

It was then that I decided entrepreneurs deserve to learn from someone who walks the walk each and every day. Who uniquely understands the struggles of entrepreneurship. Because we are truly cut from a different cloth.



If you're looking for more clients, customers, money (and a splash of happiness and confidence because why the heck not?!) > this is for you.


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"Clear, concise, supportive, smart, and most importantly, respectful. Brilliance in action. Perfect, grounding, great, smart advice. Thank you."

- Cinda Lonsway, Advisor, Author | New72Media


Genevieve is a founder, board member and proud supporter of the XXCelerate Fund. A portion of sales from all high end packages and programs support the fund's education programs for women entrepreneurs.