I am a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in start-ups and companies of various types. I have mentored, taught or coached over 1,000 founders (many of them women and people of color, but some guys too), and have spent over 10,000 hours honing my craft of early stage sales, marketing, growth strategy and demand generation.

But like you, my real story is unfancy and pretty dang gritty.

I spent my early career in corporate jobs, constantly stressed and demotivated. I was too young to know it was not my place in the world. When I made my shift to the start-up world, I felt like I’d come home. I joined a tiny software start-up where we raised $1.8 million, scaled the business, and were acquired by the largest company in our industry, (which eventually had an IPO) - all within a year.

This path led me to eventually launch companies of my own. I got to cut my teeth pitching to partners at Venture Funds who had funded companies like Dropbox and Salesforce before they were known brands. I got to walk the lauded halls of famous accelerators like TechStars, and YCombinator. I had the honor of leading businesses ranging from creative agencies, to mobile apps and software, and even started a socially responsible accessories business in the Amazon Rainforest.

For a while, I thought I had everything figured out. 

I was wrong.


Like many founders I meet. I was hit hard with some major personal struggles.

I'd found myself sitting in the middle of my bed in a tiny, no-heat Airbnb apartment in the dead of winter, heaving with sobs and crying my face off at 3am.

I'd believed the lies. That as the CEO of a start-up I was supposed to focus my time on things like raising venture capital, building product capabilities, growing a team, and pitching for investment. Pitching, and pitching constantly. But we had barely any sales. I didn’t consider myself a sales person. I didn’t think it was my job. So I hired someone else to do it for me. And I thought an investor would swoop in and save the day.

I resolved in this moment, at 3am that i would do whatever it took to turn things around. And that meant learning sales.

I resolved that never again would I let the lifeblood of my company be something outside of my control. So I decided to attend a week-long sales intensive and learn as much as I could. I don't even remember how I paid for everything at the time. I just knew that nothing was going to stop me.

i dove into it and worked tirelessly for weeks. i learned from the best people that i could get close to.

i resolved to make it a priority. to truly focus (very hard for me).

That quarter we went from Zero to $750,000 in qualified pipeline.

When I started looking around at others who advised entrepreneurs, I saw a lot of people who in my opinion did not have the right experience. I saw a lot of watered down courses, and advisors and coaches teaching softie tactics and cookie cutter strategies with no real track records of success. Entrepreneurs began to gather in my kitchen to learn how to build pipeline and grow their sales.


As I transitioned to the "other side of the table" as an investor, I began to see a lot of early stage founders making the same types of mistakes that I was making. As Shark Tank moved to CNN, and there were shows like Silicon Valley on HBO, start-ups and venture capital became "cool" and started gaining popularity in the media. I saw a lot of founders risking their dreams on poor planning and lack of execution in the name of chasing the venture capital carrot.

Entrepreneurs who truly want to grow the right way deserve the opportunity to do it right with a coach and mentor who has been in their shoes, who has the background, the track record, the experience and the expertise.


If you truly want to fund and scale your business the right way, and you see a big vision for your company, you might be a fit to work with us.

Gen’s Short Bio:

Genevieve LeMarchal is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience building and growing start-ups and early stage businesses in various roles. She is a General Partner at FoundersPad VC and founding board member of XXcelerate Fund.

Genevieve joined FoundersPad as a Venture Associate for Fund I where she contributed to due diligence and became a primary deal flow source for the fund. Since then she has stepped into the General Partner role in an industry where less than 8% of venture capital fund managers are women, and those who are likely had to start their own funds.

She has advised and mentored over 1,000 early stage entrepreneurs, a majority of them women and minorities. Start-ups that have been mentored/advised directly by Genevieve or have funding relationships as portfolio companies include Vault Investments (acquired by Acorns December 2017), Halo Car (Tech Stars Seattle 2018 graduate), Handful (2017 Bend Venture Conference awardee and finalist), QCash Financial (a Financial Times "emerging technology to watch"), Ella & Oak, Dealpoint, Hue Noir, Womb Neuroscience/Muse Cycles, ZibaHub, PowerCorp (Stashbox), Rankfull, ReflectiveBrands/Design Reality, FleetNurse, TougHER, HopKidz, CAPSULE, and more.

Genevieve has an MBA from University of Washington (2012), and undergraduate degree in Communications from WSU’s Edward R. Murrow School of Communication. Genevieve delivers talks and keynotes to groups and conferences across the country, and she continues to teach and coach entrepreneurs.

She is on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts, and in her free time likes to explore the Pacific Northwest with her Bernese Mountain Dog named Max.


Clear, concise, supportive, smart, and most importantly, respectful. Brilliance in action. Thank you for the perfectly grounding, smart advice! Thank you.
— Cinda Stevens Lonsway | Author, Advisor at New72 Media

Community Mindset & Global Impact

As a founder and board member, I'm a proud supporter of the XXCelerate Fund. 

Inspiring young women taking their future careers into their own hands in Senegal, West Africa.

Inspiring young women taking their future careers into their own hands in Senegal, West Africa.