You deserve to work with someone who's been in your shoes, and walks the walk.


I am an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. If you're steeped in the hustle and have found yourself where the rubber meets the road - you need vision, focus, clarity and an executable plan for growth.

I have experience raising venture capital, growing businesses that were acquired by major companies, starting a socially responsible accessories company in the Amazon Rainforest, and more. I may have a fancy MBA but what really matters is the equally unfancy hard knocks I've gained along the way.


After spending my early career in corporate jobs, constantly stressed and demotivated, I was so over it. I'd dabbled in a lot of start-ups before joining a tiny software start-up. We raised $1.8 million, scaled the business, and were acquired by the largest company in our industry, (which eventually had an IPO) - all within a year.

I've pitched to huge audiences at some of the most well known Silicon Valley start-up accelerators, led businesses ranging from creative agencies, to mobile apps and software, and even started a socially responsible accessories business in the Amazon Rainforest.

I thought I had everything figured out. 

I was dead wrong.


I was going through some personal struggles, it was a hard period of life. I'd found myself living in a tiny, no-heat, temporary apartment in the dead of winter (Yep, like your grandpa's stories).

I'd spent all my time and effort building product capabilities, growing a team, and pitching for investment. We had barely any sales. I thought an investor would swoop in and save the day. 

I was terrified, and also ashamed. I knew deep down that we needed more traction. And I'd kicked off our fundraising round unprepared and driven by the stress of our rapidly dwindling cash. 

So i went to the place where the most successful, most innovative businesses launch and grow - silicon valley.

I don't even remember how I paid for everything at the time. I just knew that nothing was going to stop me. I spent the next couple weeks meeting founders of fast growing companies, big and small and learning from them. 


When I started looking around at others who advised entrepreneurs, I saw a lot of people who in my opinion did not have the right experience. I saw a lot of watered down courses, and advisors and coaches teaching softie tactics with no real track records of success. Entrepreneurs began to gather in my kitchen to learn how to build pipeline and grow their sales (Fun Fact: This is how the XXCelerate Fund began!)


As I transitioned to the "other side of the table" as an investor, I began to see a lot of early stage founders making the same types of mistakes that I was making. As start-ups and venture capital became "cool" and started gaining popularity in the media, I saw a lot of founders risking their dreams on poor planning and lack of execution in the name of funding their dreams. 

With me, founders get the benefit of diving into VC style strategy and diligence to de-risk their business, create a solid strategy and make their opportunity as attractive as possible before they actually set out to raise. Because you only get one real opportunity with an investor, second chances can happen but they rarely do.

Entrepreneurs who truly want to grow and fund their growth the right way deserve the opportunity to do it right with advisors who have been in their shoes, who have the backgrounds, the track records and the expertise. Good advisors uniquely understand the challenges and struggles of early stage and can navigate the options. They know what the pathways to success look like, as well as the hidden pitfalls that can create failure - and has been through them with the scars and warts to prove it. This is where the real insight comes from. 


If you truly want to fund and scale your business the right way, and you see a big vision for your company, you might be a fit to work with us.


Clear, concise, supportive, smart, and most importantly, respectful. Brilliance in action. Thank you for the perfectly grounding, smart advice! Thank you.
— Cinda Stevens Lonsway | Author, Advisor at New72 Media

Community Mindset & Global Impact

As a founder and board member, I'm a proud supporter of the XXCelerate Fund. 

Inspiring young women taking their future careers into their own hands in Senegal, West Africa.

Inspiring young women taking their future careers into their own hands in Senegal, West Africa.

I strongly believe in the power of business to change the world. A portion of my sales help support education and empowerment for women and girls.