Women entrepreneurs - Answers to your toughest questions about sales.

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For women entrepreneurs, Sales = Power. Continuing to play a passive role and take a back seat to sales in our business is what keeps us small. 

Let's put an end to that right now.

Women entrepreneurs with online businesses and offline businesses submitted their questions about sales, and here are my no holds barred, honest answers.

Questions include:

- Why is Online Marketing a one-legged stool?

- Do people even do direct sales anymore? I thought that was outdated.

- Does prospecting and direct sales mean cold calling? Do I have to do that?

- How can you actually scale up your revenue that fast? (to five, six, seven figures...) Seems like a lie...

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"I've run a game on everybody, and soon they'll all find out." - Facing your imposter syndrome.

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I've written 11 books, and each time I think, 'uh oh.' They're going to find out now. I've run a game on everybody, and they are going to find me out. " - Maya Angelou

There is a part of us that excuses every accomplishment as luck, someone else's work, or dismisses it. It's the same part of us that walks around in fear that someday people will find out the awful truth, "I am nowhere near as smart, skilled or accomplished as everybody thinks I am."

It stops us from executing, from happiness, and living a real life. For some it's paralyzing. 

Have you seen the movie, "Catch me if You Can?" Leonardo DiCaprio plays one of the most famous imposters in history, Frank Abagnale. For years, Frank Abagnale conned people into believing he was an airline pilot, a doctor, a lawyer...writing bad checks and committing fraud along the way. He was an imposter. 

You are not Frank Abagnale.

How do you quiet that relentless doubting voice?

The one that that says you'll never be good enough, you're not smart enough, not skilled enough, and pretty soon everyone else will find out too.

This voice is not You. It's your overactive, fear-based human brain. A brain that is trained to be on the lookout for danger. This feature of our brain used to protect us from dangers. Signs we grew to recognize, like a rustle in the bushes, could be a predator trying to kill us. Our brain would alert us to this fear, and save us from whatever may be there.

But now, your brain doesn't have to protect you from a predator. Yet it's still seeking out and trying to protect us from danger. Seeing and interpreting signs which are usually not real.

The best way to overcome your imposter syndrome is to shine a spotlight on the facts. Your grit, hustle, intelligence, creativity and achievements. 

Next time, instead of asking yourself, "Who am I to be so brilliant/talented/deserving...."

Try something like this:

  • Who am I? I'm the one who has spent almost a decade honing the mindset of an entrepreneur. I see opportunities and possibilities where others see nothing.
  • Who am I? I am the one with relentless determination to master the knowledge of the business world, so much so I was willing to work full time, and go to school full time.
  • Who am I? I have overcome the odds to be where I am today, I think big and see future possibilities and my vision inspires others. I am not going to live my entire life in a question based in fear.

So, who are you?

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As simple as possible, but no simpler.

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Albert Einstein

What he meant is the simpler the explanation is, usually the better. In other words, the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely it is to be.

When we have big visions for our business, so we add things to the pot to scale it fast (because adding more stuff is how you scale right?) Because we see the future potential and vision in our mind. But adding more elements, offerings, services, and features reduces the simplicity. Suddenly we have a big messy and unwieldy monster that doesn't do what it's supposed to and takes us further off course from the ultimate end goal. We've got a circus happening all around us and suddenly can't remember why we're doing it, what is actually supposed to be done, and how we were ever so crazy as to think this was all going to be a good idea.

  • Most of the time, we've forgotten the fact that this whole thing was supposed to be simple! We've decided to hook up and go steady with our problems. (So much so we let them multiply and breed new bouncing baby problems and even grand-baby problems).

  • We're placating a "team" that's pulling us in multiple directions, demanding even more money, and helping themselves readily to our last shreds of sanity.

  • You'd rather wake up each morning hoping that today a big juicy new ideal client or investor will swing in from out of the blue and rescue you.

Sound all too familiar? I'm right there with you. But let me tell you that simple, efficient and streamlined grows faster.

What was your ultimate simple, beautifully streamlined and elegant solution when you first started out? What other services and offerings have you added since then?

Maybe it's time to ditch what isn't working and get back to the simple, streamlined and PROFITABLE business model you originally set out to create.

If you're ready to focus on targeting your most ideal and profitable clients, and want to work out a custom strategy for how to make it work for you, we should definitely talk.

What if you don't have a business quite yet?

We'll apply this same framework to your business idea. Our strategy session will be a combination of creativity and strategic planning, with a focus on the quickest path to launch and getting into revenue.

Think sales is about you? You should be so lucky.

Think sales is about you? You should be so lucky.

Many entrepreneurs think that their customers decisions to buy or not buy from them is a direct reflection of them personally. This article is about the honest truth. You are not a Kardashian. Your name and likeness have little to do with your success. Are you are willing to solve an actual problem and bring real value, and do the work to find people who need it? 

[Part 3] Burst out of the gates in 2017 - How to make it happen in 90 days.

[Part 3] Burst out of the gates in 2017 - How to make it happen in 90 days.

How to achieve your goals in 2017 - Free Strategic Goals & Performance Strategy Planner!

Many of us are not happy with the fruits that are being produced by our labor. Maybe they are too small, or there's not enough, or whatever it might be. We are in some way unsatisfied with the fruit. I'm right there with you. 

I did not expect to be faced again with the period in my life where I first learned sales. Right before I had the breakthrough that took my company from death's door, to growing. 

5 Ways to Make it Through Work While Dealing with Personal Tragedy

5 Ways to Make it Through Work While Dealing with Personal Tragedy

This time last year things were not going well for me. I was all geared up and excited for a New Year when I woke up on January 2nd sick. As the day progressed it became obvious I wasn't just sick. A few weeks later I discovered I had a pretty serious infection.

That evening, I received a text. The type that you hope you never get. Something unthinkable had happened. 

[ Part 1] Burst out the gates in 2017 - What went well this year?

[ Part 1] Burst out the gates in 2017 - What went well this year?

"So, how was your year?"

Ugh. The dreaded holiday party small talk question. You just wanted to enjoy your egg nog in peace. 

Unless you have a seasonal business, the holidays signal the beginning of a wind down, and a slow ramp back up in January. It also signals a time for reflection on the year. When people look at where they were at and decide whether or not the year was "good" or not.

I can tell you this, a lot of people will probably decide 2016 can have the old heave-ho. 

Start being more productive and achieve better results in 7 days

Start being more productive and achieve better results in 7 days

Let's say you have a good friend who is experiencing financial difficulty...

They confide in you and you find out that this friend is spending a lot of time doing non-revenue generating activities (or worse, working for "trade" or free). Maybe your friend gets really bogged down in administrative work each week, they attend a lot of meetings that have nothing to do with acquiring clients. They take meetings with anyone (and everyone) who asks.