Finding Reasons to Be Happy

We often think that happiness is an illusive thing that we'll need to search for everywhere. Resigning to the fact that "one day" in some far off future we will find happiness, after we've gotten through the things we need to get through today.

We claim to want to be happy, but we attach our own caveats. "I'll be happy once ________ happens," "I'll be happy when I'm finally done with ________." 

More often than not, the caveats and expectations we attach to our happiness are what block us from actually being happy. When we look at the things that compromise our happiness, job stress, finances, schedules...if we allow our happiness to hinge on these things, we'll never actually be happy.

One small daily practice that has made a huge impact in terms of cultivating simple daily happiness is to write down 5 things each day that were genuinely nice about each day. The beautiful sun, a great latte, a fun conversation with a great client, a delicious dinner cooked at home. When we actually take a moment to think about the simple things that bring us happiness each day, there is quite a lot to be happy about right now.

This is an original piece, written by me for LinkedIn Pulse.