Filling in the Gaps

Like a lot of people, my morning routine is pretty typical, I take my dog for a walk, guzzle a big glass of water, drink coffee, and attempt to put myself together a little before I get too far ahead of myself in my day. I'm more of a night owl than I'd like, so I'm usually a little slow going and bleary eyed in the morning!

After my usual quick pitstop in the bathroom to put on makeup, I realized this morning that my favorite Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil was getting low. Why is this weird? Because nothing makeup related ever actually runs out before I just throw it away. I'm just not really a makeup person. 

Then it occurred to me. Somehow my go-to, cannot-leave-the-house-without-it thing is eyebrow pencil? How did that happen? I am someone whose entire makeup routine is accomplished in less than a minute, and who thinks her finger is the best way to put on eyeshadow. 

I cut myself some slack, I'm a busy girl, I have a lot of other things to think about!

So, I'm not sure where the idea struck me that I needed to start filling in my eyebrows, but once I did, I noticed that I had significantly upped my eyebrow game. Fo' realz friends. Once I figured out how to do it, it actually made a big difference.

My eyebrows weren't bad before, in fact, they're pretty good. But with the pencil my eyebrows look better.

So while sipping coffee and happily penciling this morning, it hit me! 

Maybe I love eyebrow penciling because it's all about filling in the gaps. It's about making something already pretty good, even better. It's a simple, small thing that makes a big difference.

Think about it, we get so busy with actually doing things we don't step back and think about the simple things that can be easily done to pave the way to the next level, so we can get there a little easier and faster. These simple things are just gaps. And like eyebrows, they are usually pretty easily filled in.

For me, I tend to get really busy doing things, and I forget to block out dedicated time for sales prospecting and cultivating my pipeline. This creates a gap for me, because in a business where sales is the lifeblood of the business, prospecting is the fuel. My business is primarily focused on the enterprise sale, which is all about relationship building and following up. And if I don't make time, it creates a huge gap that eventually turns into a crater.

Nobody wants any cratering going on in their business!

For me, filling in this gap is as simple as scheduling blocks of time into my Google calendar, at least 1 hour each day. However, if I forget to do this, it doesn't happen. (Because in my world, if it isn't scheduled, it isn't real).

What is an example of when you did a simple thing, that turned out to close a huge gap for you and make things better and easier in your business (or your life). Share in the comments below.