Announcing the Winner + Playlists for Days

The Winner is...




Oscar Godson - Yorkshire interactive


Oscar is the co-founder of Yorkshire Interactive, (formerly Piggybank, Simple and Yammer). He wins a ticket to StagesPDX and also submitted the only song that isn't on YouTube. Oscar also wrote a fantastic, authentic and real account on Medium of his experience with his start-up Piggybank. He's the real deal folks.



Let the jam session begin. Some of these songs have explicit lyrics in them, so if you have little ones nearby, grab the headphones.


Genevieve's Picks

Clique, Kanye West - this one has a really good hip hop sequence in it that is fun to watch.

Happy, Pharrell Williams

Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars

Lose Yourself, Eminem

Moment of Clarity, Jay-Z

Fight Song, Rachel Platten

Confident, Demi Lovato


Tiana Laurence - Co-Founder, CMO Factom

Roar - Katy Perry

(Roar is also a favorite of Jaime Mintun from Uproar Group)


Alex Nelson - Vice President, Craft3

Cray Button - Family Force 5 (I think this is a joke. Still funny though!)


Oscar Goodson - Co-Founder, Yorkshire Interactive

Night Shift at the Potato Factory - Modern Life is War (not on YouTube sorry guys. Check out Spotify)


Paige Hendrix Buckner - Founder, ClientJoy

Formation- Beyonce


Mike Shur - Founder, Shurky Jurky

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (keepin' it classic over here)


Jeff Martens - Product manager, New Relic. Founder CP Usage, Start-up advisor

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (Another classic. Can't complain)

Juicy- Notorious B.I.G


Josh Cox - Director of Client Success, Brandlive

Drop the World - Lil'Wayne


Dave Shanley - Founder, Notion

3rd Planet - Modest Mouse


Brennan Pothetes - Finance Manager, Simple

Hustlin' - Rick Ross


Shashi Jain - Innovation manager at Intel/ TIE Oregon

Derezzed, Glitch Mob

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark - (Shashi wins the Hair band award)


Peter Lund - Supergenius Studio

Start Wearing Purple, Gogol Bordello - Easter European folk punk is apparently strong with Peter.