[VIDEO] Feel the doubt, but do it anyway. How to use Synchronicity as a tool to fuel you


Don't Judge the Doubt When It Comes.

What we do can be very lonely.

The journey of entrepreneurship is not something that many can relate to. The reality is a lot of people think they understand what it might be like to build a living breathing company from the ground up, but they have no idea. 

So when doubt and fear strikes, it can be really difficult to navigate through it. 

One of the strongest tools to combat doubt and fear is an understanding of synchronicity and how it works in our lives. If anger is a flaming arrow pointing directly at what sucks, synchronicity is a shining beam of light illuminating your path and providing reassurance and validation.

The thing is, it's easy to miss synchronicity if we aren't looking for it. When this happens we write it off as "luck," "coincidence," "chance," "weird," or "creepy."

It was so weird! Remember how I was JUST telling you yesterday that I wanted to meet so-and-so about getting us an introduction to blah-blah-blah?”


”Well I went to such and such place right after we talked, and I ran right into So-and-So and he was WITH Blah-Blah-Blah! We’re going to meet tomorrow to discuss the thing!”

”That is such a crazy coincidence”

”I know!, So random!
— You at some point in the not so distant past

Sound Familiar? That's synchronicity.

Synchronicity comes when we are clear on what we want, regardless of the "How" or the details of how it will come together because it seems impossible, We just know that is what we want. 

The role synchronicity plays in our lives as entrepreneurs is easy to miss, and there is one key component to figuring out how to use it as the shining beacon it is, Taking the time to notice.

In my first Uncut video I lay out:

  • What synchronicity is and the role that is plays for us.
  • What I do and ideas for what you can do to gain the clarity to recognize it in play for you.
  • An incredible story of synchronicity at play in my entrepreneurial life.

Your tough love, tell it like it is, start-up cheerleader. Doubts, fears, bad lighting and all.