Entrepreneurship is a journey to yourself


Mary Kingsley was a British explorer in West Africa during the British Imperialism era. A time when women were more apt to sit in parlors in England sipping tea with other mild mannered ladies than head out into the wilds of Africa! She was responsible for cataloging wildlife and plants, and helped to shape europe's knowledge of African culture. And to top it off, all her adventures were solo, without a man to help or guide her - a move totally unheard of in the Victorian era.

Mary Kingsley was an adventurer and explorer, and the hunter of a dream - She wasn't just hunting for fish, looking at plants, and trying to understand a foreign and dangerous place. She was seeking her place in the world, and through it she discovered who she really was.

The adventures she was on, just like the adventure you are on, is the outward peril to the inner journey. Because entrepreneurship is ultimately a journey of the self and of the spirit.

Part of the journey is how we prepare, and the help we seek along the way. Lewis and Clark may have realized they were in over their heads in uncharted territory on their journey to the Pacific Ocean, until they met Sacagawea who served as their guide and interpreter on the remainder of their journey. (Fun fact: Sacagawea was adopted as a symbol of women's worth and independence during the women's suffrage movement).

These brave explorers weren't afraid to ask for the help they needed on their journey, and you should not be afraid of this either. 

Someone who knows the road ahead and can help you steer clear of obstacles and chart your course is invaluable, because when it comes to the adventure of entrepreneurship it's not about whether you will get lost and stuck, it's a matter of when, and what you'll do when it happens. If you're feeling a bit stuck on your journey and would like to have a conversation that will help you figure out what's blocking you and how best to move past it, you can schedule a time with me here. (This convo is free, although they are incredibly valuable and powerful so sometimes people offer to pay for them!)

When all this is said and done, you'll either reach the destination you set out for, you'll end up somewhere different, or you won't make it at all. But in the grand scheme of things Alan Alda leaves this wisdom for the inner explorer within you; "What you'll discover will be wonderful, because what you'll discover will be yourself."


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