How Much Traction Do You Actually Need?

Founders are often confused about how much traction they really need in order to attract their first round of funding. This workshop is for those of you who are:

  • Struggling with how to getting traction.

  • Getting told by investors that you “need more traction.”

  • Are thinking of raising a round of funding in the future and want to plan accordingly.

  • Are advising a business that is ready for growth and funding or helping someone else with their fundraising.

  • You just want to dive in and learn the ropes, this workshop is for you!

This workshop will cover the topic of what early stage investors look for in traction, how to design traction to mitigate risks, and the best approach to get early initial traction. Through this process you’ll gain even more insight into

What exactly a seed stage VC or angel finds most desirable in the types of companies we like to engage with and fund. (Traction is huge!)

We’ll open to Q&A from various founders and types of businesses so you can see how traction differs across types of companies.

We’ll also share about our unique funding model at FoundersPad.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about how to start gaining the right type of traction for your business!