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In Revenue Jumpstart, you will learn:

  • If you're bootstrapping to get your first few meaningful customers. You'll learn how to get going immediately - No expensive software or specially trained teams needed.
  • How to start highly targeted, outbound prospecting in a way that is authentic, not "salesy," and most importantly, is proven to work. (Really, really work!)
  • Exactly how to structure the outbound prospecting process. You'll learn the framework, so you can adapt and customize it for your unique needs.
  • Short on time? How to manage it all. 
  • Why you should NOT start off buying lists. (This is equal to burning your money.)
  • Exactly how to create the powerful prospecting campaigns that will jumpstart your revenue, and start pumping leads into your pipeline.
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4 Power packed modules - 6 video lessons.

1) Masterclass Training - Critical Foundations 

2) Tools you will need, a Day in the life.

3) Software walk-through.

4) How to create quality lists for the best possible leads.

5. Tie it all together - Power prospecting.

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Downloads, guides, and worksheets

Prospecting spreadsheet templates, quick reference guides, worksheets and downloads to help you quickly and easily take action on what you need to know.

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Private Facebook Group Access

Join the private Facebook group for a growing network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are there to answer your questions and provide support anytime you want it, yours truly included.

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Special Video Masterclass Training

Revenue Jumpstart comes with a special video masterclass just for participants of this program. This hour long masterclass is packed soup to nuts with exactly what you need to know to get this system going and start seeing immediate results.

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Joe Shoemaker | Joe Shoemaker Reflexology
Joe Shoemaker | Joe Shoemaker Reflexology
“I’ve taken many online business classes and met with countless business mentors. Unique to Genevieve is her deftness in systematizing the sales prospecting process from the vantage point of both buyer and seller. She knows the human behavior, sales cycles and psychology of business, and wraps it together in an actionable, grounded manner.

It’s easy to recommend this course because her process works!”



Yes! I want It Now.

Revenue jumpstart is not for you if:

  • You are selling a low value, low price product or service with little to no profit margin.
  • You are not interested in engaging directly with your customers and building a relationship with them.
  • You have a sales background and you have the process and system dialed, so you don't really need help.
  • You're hoping an investor comes along and gives you money so you can put off making any yourself for a little longer.
  • You're looking for "close 'em quick" hustling sales tricks and high pressure tactics.

"Yes! I'm ready to start building a business that has real customers and makes actual money (I'm done just talking about it)"


The Choice Is Yours:

  • Take control and know exactly how to generate the sales you need to make the income you want.
  • Wake up each day knowing exactly what needs to be done to grow your baby.
  • No longer will the sales process mystify and intimidate you.
  • Stop hoping that you get lucky and new clients fall into your lap.
  • Stop hoping an investor decides to make it rain and bring your dreams to life.

About me:

Do you want to learn from someone who has been in your place before, instead of just talked about it?

What sets me apart from everyone else teaching things online is that I actually do this in real life too. I am a serial entrepreneur with a decade of experience, and current co-founder of an existing business. I didn't decide one day that I hated my job and didn't want to have a boss anymore and wanted to work from the beach. I have always been an entrepreneur, this is who I am. 

Over the last several years I have built and worked in several multi-million dollar businesses including technology start-ups that were acquired for millions and went public, socially responsible accessories companies that empowered women in the Amazon Rainforest, agencies that built things for some of the top brands in the nation, and more. I have an MBA from both the school of hard knocks, as well as a top ranked business school, because that is how I roll. (For the record, the school of hard knocks is better.)

But what makes me most adapted to guide early stage entrepreneurs on their journey to revenue is that I have fallen flat on my face many times. I have stared failure in the face more times than I can count. I know what it looks like, and I know what it takes to turn things around. Because of this, I can help early stage entrepreneurs grow faster, smarter, and get to revenue (venture funded or not) in all kinds of industries from a place of real world experience.

Sound like your kind of thing?


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You are smart enough to know there is no such thing as a "get rich quick scheme." You wouldn't be an entrepreneur if you thought this was the case. You'd be off somewhere looking for magic beans or something. You know anything worthwhile and meaningful involves doing actual work. Not everybody will see results, because not everybody will implement it. So results are of course, not guaranteed. There is no 30 day refund or cancellation policy for Revenue Jumpstart.