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As I create, produce, and happen across great resources that I believe will bolster learning or help you in your journey, I'll be continuing to add them here. I'll try to call it out in announcements when new content is added, but I recommend you check back often. 



Ideation, Planning and Start-up Resources

Assessing Idea Attractiveness Scoring Sheet

I like to use this when I'm coming up with hair brained ideas, (which usually arise after a late night and glass or two of wine with a group of friends!) It's a great way to shed light into the actual viability of what you are thinking about, before you waste too much more mental effort and energy developing it further. 

Customer Clarity


Fast Company: Sophisticated Sell

 "Glen Senk and his colleagues aren't just selling clothes and furnishings. They're selling a sense of adventure and originality — and the promise of self-discovery."


Garnering Inspiration from Anthropologie - Fast Company Article


Are You Repelling or Attracting Your Ideal Customer?

Amy Porterfield's podcast with Jasmine Star about speaking to 1 ideal customer and bringing them to life. 

Amy Porterfield Podcast #106

Clarity, Vision, Happiness and Self


Jennifer Grace's Directing Your Destiny Webinars

I listen to a lot of other people's content, but Jennifer Grace has such a unique perspective and approach to understanding how to get in alignment with yourself, get clear on what you want, and learn to manifest/create your dreams into reality that I can't wait to share it with you. She does periodic webinars, and I really enjoyed the experience so much I went on to participate in her Creative Insight Journey class, which is also taught at Stanford University. This link allows you to participate in the class for free (normally $279)

DYD Webinars - sign up to hear about her next one

The Jennifer Grace Show - Personal transformation meets comedy

Recommended Reading

This is my reccomended reading list that is also reflected in a blog post. However, this reading list is bumped up with free PDFs, downloads and other good stuff. Compiled here, just for you. A brief note. I include additional content provided or endorsed by the authors. I do not post pirated content or copies. The only exception is I include a link to Napoleon Hill's book, The Law of Success which is in public domain.


Sales and Growth


Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

My copy of this is dog eared. It's the foundational bible of outbound sales prospecting. It was originally published in 2011, so it's already 5 years old, which is like 2 decades in start-up years. A lot has changed, but this book provides a great foundational understanding to build and expand on to make it work for today.

Additional Predictable Revenue resources:

The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling Your Sales.


Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

I think this is a really important book to read, especially for women. After reading this, I suddenly realized all the times these techniques had been used on me. Oren Klaff wrote this book under the perspective of pitching large deals, and his style can be off putting for some, but what he teaches is valuable to understand at the least and put into practice at best.


Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins

Part of getting your money mindset right is making sure you feel comfortable with it, and understand the environment of money, the markets, having it, investing it, etc. I read this book after realizing that while I was very articulate in corporate finance, I was clueless about my own finances and that I needed to rectify that immediately. If you want to be a serious entrepreneur, executive and investor, that means doing right by your own finances too. 


Traction - by Gabriel Weiss

Traction is a good read for the first couple chapters as they outline their bullseye framework. This is a fun and important activity to do with your cofounders or team. This link goes directly to their website where they offer a free download for the first few chapters.

Read the first 3 Chapters of Traction 

Mindset, Perspective, and Focus


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

For me, this was one of those magical books that you read at the right moment in your life and it just clicks. Prior to reading this, I thought that everybody was having overnight success except me. I thought something was wrong with me. Turns out, I'd always got discouraged, burned out and gave up because I didn't understand the Slight Edge. It changed how I thought and how I operated, nobody else could see it but me.


The Alchemist by Paul Cohelo

The Alchemist is an important book for entrepreneurs to read because it's the classic tale of the Hero's Journey. The epic journey of transformation that we are all on. It helped me understand that there is no finite, clearly defined path. Finding the treasure is not at all about the treasure itself, it's about the journey to it.


Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

This book was so important to me because I read it at a very critical time in my life. During the no heat tiny apartment days. This was back when I thought that I was completely undeserving. It was the exact message I needed to hear. I wanted to understand spirituality and our personal power outside the realm of church and religion, and I didn't want to hear more "everything happens for a reason" platitudes. Return to Love is a true framework to live life and frame your mindset around. 

Marianne Williamson's talk on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday

Return to Love Audiobook on YouTube


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

When I realized that the negative naysayer voice in my head wasn't actually me, it opened up a whole new world of understanding. Meditation helps me strengthen my ability to ignore what Eckhart Tolle calls "the ego mind." For those of us really struggling to overcome the "ego mind," "the itty bitty shitty committee," "the gremlins" or whatever you want to call them, A New Earth is an insightful an thought provoking place to start.


The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

This book is referred to the holy grail for success mindset. It's a classic. Napoleon Hill interviewed dozens of executives, thought leaders and successful people of his time ranging from JP Morgan to Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, William Taft and J.H. Woolworth to name a few. A lot of other business books are just reiterating what was written by Napoleon Hill. Might as well just go straight to the source.

Link to the public domain copy of Law of Success.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Calm app

Whether you are new to meditation, or a long time meditator, this is a great app to have on your phone. For those new to meditation, try the "7 Days of Calm" program to get started. Once you're going with meditation, if you want to learn more and really understand how meditation works from a cognitive sense, check out Rick Hansen's Foundations of Well Being program.


Start-ups and Entrepreneurship


Business Model Generation - A handbook for visionaries, game changers and challengers

I am a big fan of cutting through the fluff. Our brains don't have the capacity to spend time focusing on anything that is not important. Business Model Generation teaches the business model canvas methodology, which I like because the exercise really helps you cut through all the thoughts, ideas and fluff swarming around in your head and cut to the core of what is important to focus on. It's a great activity to set up on the wall of your office, so the ideas that percolate in your head can have somewhere meaningful to go.


No Capital, No Collateral, No Problem. By Greg Fisher for Entrepreneur Magazine

Greg Fisher was my MBA professor at University of Washington. Greg Fisher is now at Indiana University.

Business Model Generation - (condensed version)

The Zero Point Field/Collective Consciousness

Brian Greene's "The Elegant Universe" on Nova