powerfully focused growth strategy.

created from the vision you have for your business and yourself. 



I help enable entrepreneurs to step up and play bigger by creating powerful growth strategies that remove obstacles and take the guesswork, frustration and fear out of growth.   Growth is not a "one-size-fits all" thing. I work entrepreneurs to understand their needs and leverage proven systems, and frameworks alongside creative ideation to help you reach your goals and realize your vision.

Contrary to popular belief, you can go-it alone and will probably figure it out eventually. But there is a place to start that will make it happen quicker, avoid painful missteps, and better set you up for success. Let's find the fastest, most strategic and direct path that's right for you.

I believe that through growth, entrepreneurs have the power to change the world.

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Everybody is claiming they can help you make millions. Live your dream life and never work again. I too was intrigued and fell for it several times. - But after a lot of mistakes, (and no results) I got smart and started to learn what has been proven by successful, scaling businesses. Then I learned to adapt these things to work for me.

Sure, I've gotten results for myself and big companies that you've probably heard of before. But the biggest impact happens with entrepreneurs infuse their businesses with growth that aligned to their customers and designed to help them achieve their vision. Everyone wants a healthy flowing pipeline of clients that facilitates growth to five, six and even seven figures, a cookie cutter system isn't going to do it. You need a customized strategy that is authentic to you.

Looking for a freebie? You're invited to sign up for instant access to my PDF guide, "How I Ditched Online Marketing and Went from Zero to $229,543 in Revenue."  It will lay out a process you can start immediately, and even show you some numbers. Are you ready?


At the end of the day, the single most critical skill that any entrepreneur must develop is the ability to sell their product to customers...Genevieve is an outstanding teacher, offering practical, results-driven, real world coaching that will take your business from zero to sixty. We saw results within the first week of implementing.”
— Mara Zepeda | CEO, SwitchboardHQ
I brought Genevieve in to talk about sales strategy and funnels for my company. She was quickly able to determine that we were missing a huge opportunity to provide ongoing value to our clients and were therefore leaving a lot of money on the table! Because of this short session, I am now developing a new product that will ensure that we are fully meeting our clients current and ongoing needs.”
— Jennifer Ruwart | Founder, Roger That
“After my first meeting with Genevieve, my team was catalyzed. Everyone knew exactly what they needed to do, and started doing it before she even left the room. We even had people in the office next door who overhear a bit of our session chime in and ask “who was that and how can I get ahold of her?” I am not recommending Genevieve to anyone, I’m prescribing her to anyone who desires success for their company. Take the prescription, call her to fill it, and cure your sales pipeline.”
— Tyler Philippi | Founder, Halo Car
Working with Genevieve to reinvigorate our sales strategy was invaluable. In a short time, she was able to help us consider our niche, our client profile, and develop a logical series of funnels to ramp up our sales volume. We’re better equipped to tell our story to a targeted group of prospects, putting key information in front of them at the right time, and getting to a “yes” much more quickly!

— Talena Barker | CEO, Mission Limelight

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