it’s not about money, it’s about freedom and choices.

The feeling of being backed against a wall and having no options is the worst feeling in the world. And when you’re in that space, something almost always happens that makes you intensely wish that you had the freedom and choices that you lack.

It’s no secret, sales can solve a lot of problems. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

Think of how many of your current problems would go away if you had the sales piece figured out? The sad thing is, most founders will not ever get this figured out despite how hard they work.

Many years ago I was an entrepreneur raising my first round of financing for my start-up, I made every mistake in the book and it cost me dearly. I believed the hype about how a CEO should be focused on raising venture capital. So I hired someone else to do sales for me.

Several months later, I found myself in a terrible position that I didn’t know how to fix. I realized I knew nothing at all about sales, which is the lifeblood of a business. My business had been sucked of life and I didn’t know how to bring it back. It was the worst night of my entire life.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, confused, unsupported, and stalled-out. I myself felt so fearful of complete failure, realizing that if I didn’t figure this piece out, I’d never even get a shot at realizing my dreams.

My holistic approach comes from my unique place having mentored, advised, coached and taught over 1,000 entrepreneurs in industries ranging from software to fashion, agencies to consulting services, holistic health to recruiting services and beyond.

I’ve sat at both sides of the table, as an entrepreneur trying to figure it all out, and now as a venture capitalist, mentor, coach and teacher trying to help others through it.

Lots of people can claim a passion for entrepreneurs and the desire to help them. Some can even claim some experience having done it themselves. But few people can claim over 10 years of dogged dedication to the craft of launching, building and scaling from idea to early stage. Even fewer can truly understand the unique and valuable experiences and perspectives you hold as an entrepreneur, the challenges you face, and the very real fears and threats you must battle with every single day. There are a lot of intricacies and pitfalls of success and failure at this stage.

I’ve personally sacrificed more than I can even fully fathom to get where I am today.

It took me over 10 years, 1,000 entrepreneurs, and well over the “mastery threshold” 10,000 hours of experience, study and dedication before I was even willing to call myself a teacher, mentor and coach. This is how seriously I take this.

workshops and strategy sessions

A lot of entrepreneurs I meet actually have everything in place already, they just need some tweaks and guidance, a bit of coaching, and an infusion of confidence and clarity. Oftentimes after a couple of hours, entrepreneurs really start to see the big picture, what adjustments need to be made, and where to apply focus.

Regardless of where you are at, attending a workshop or a one-on-one strategy session is a great start.

I brought Genevieve in to talk about sales strategy and funnels for my company. She was quickly able to determine that we were missing a huge opportunity to provide ongoing value to our clients and were therefore leaving a lot of money on the table! Because of this short session, I am now developing a new product that will ensure that we are fully meeting our clients current and ongoing needs.”
— T. Barker - Mission Limelight
A million times worth it. This one hour with Genevieve was one of the most valuable hours I have ever spent on my business.
— Kathryn Brown -


You’re probably getting a lot of advice from a lot of smart people. The thing is, they are all right. But you can’t do everything. If you are constantly asking yourself questions like “What should my growth strategy be?” “How do we actually make this happen?” This session will give you the full-on clarity to pick the best path forward for you, create an actionable and doable plan around it, and move forward for the next 12 months with confidence, clarity and certainty. Confidently speak to your plan, and say No to the things that don’t align.

The full day VIP Strategy session is the most popular service. Bring on the whiteboards, the post-its, the coffee and the snacks. Bring your brain and team, I’ll bring everything else. We take a full day to dig into your business and flesh everything out!

What you’ll get:

  • The concrete plans you need to reach your goals, and what exactly needs to be done each week and month to get you there. Broken down into actionable, doable steps.

  • Ongoing support and help from me whenever you need it as you implement and execute.

  • If necessary, I can also help bring the right tools, help and support to make your plans happen for you.

  • Customized deliverables for you that we will define.

Genevieve LeMarchal is great! (So is her Bernese Max 😘). I had a 1:1 session with her last year and her advice, accountability, help, and energy guided me through a sticky time with my business.
— K. Campbell - Rankfull


Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. What if you could have someone by your side with the background, skills and expertise to help you? You’d get fast feedback, quick “screw your head back on” guidance, grounded and smart strategies, and ongoing help with the right tools and support to keep on making it happen month in and month out.

  • A full day VIP Strategy Session

  • A 6 month half day VIP Strategy Session Check Up

  • Bi-Weekly 1 hour private coaching sessions

  • When you need it anytime access to Genevieve via text and email

  • Full enrollment in the annual X-Factors Bootcamp

  • Full enrollment in the annual X-Factors Bootcamp kickoff weekend

  • Access to attend all workshops and online trainings

  • Pitch coaching and training for venture capital raises and investor meetings (if applicable)


A six week group program focused on sales, growth and scale. Starting with a full 2 day weekend intensive kickoff and commencing in six weeks of private group instruction, homework assignments, lecture, personalized feedback, coaching and accountability.

During the bootcamp, we will work together to help you build and implement the sales funnel in your business, piece by piece with help, feedback and accountability every step of the way.

  • Immediate feedback and personalized coaching each week in online group sessions

  • Two day weekend kickoff intensive in Portland, Oregon (can join virtually)

  • When you need it anytime access to Genevieve via text and email

  • Lifetime access to the online training area with modules, tutorials, swipe files, interviews and more.

I’d done the VIP Day and several sessions with Genevieve, but for the first time I truly felt empowered and confident, like I could truly do anything. Every minute with Genevieve is like gold. Do it.
— S. Raqs - MUSE Cycles