is increasing sales and cash flow the One Thing in your business that if you could get it to work, it would change everything?

No matter how busy and distracted you get, this one thing continues to drag you down. You've tried bootstrapping, hustling, quick fixes and band aids. You're not interested in one-size-fits all. The time has come for a real, sustainable solution that is focused, and actually do-able.

Listen, you wasting your valuable time and energy being in a constant state of confusion, frustration and fear doesn't benefit you, your business, your customers, or the world.

The truth is, it's impossible to do your best work from this space. I learned this lesson the hard way.

What if this problem could be solved, For good? 

This probably isn't the first time you tried. In fact, you probably have some failures and battle scars of your own and you'd rather not repeat the mistakes of the past. You've probably caught yourself thinking things like:

"What if it doesn't work? At this point, I can't afford to fail."

"I've tried so many things already. I'm done with that game."

"I need to make it work, or walk away."

The good news is, you didn't know what you know now.

Now you're ready.

I have a few questions for you:

  • When it comes to creating a strategy for your growth, wouldn't you rather work holistically with someone who knows how to do this for small companies? 
  • Do you want to work with a seasoned entrepreneur who has actually been in your shoes, personally understands what you are going through, and can get you something that is actually do-able and tailor made for you?
  • Do you want to be able to completely own this system within your business, instead of relying on someone else for your success? 


Sales and cash flow issues are a symptom of a larger problem. Let's fix the problem, not the symptom.

The truth is, not all consultants and coaches are really equipped to help you solve your problem the way you need it solved. 

Not all of them have tried to scale a business and crashed and burned themselves. They don't have the battle scars, they haven't endured the sleepless nights and constant stress. They don't understand just how much you need this to work. Or worse, they finally get you to sign up and you end up with some half-baked ideas, or grandiose plans that you can't implement. And they're already on to the next person.

Some of them can tout some past success. But very few of them can point to countless examples of businesses where their strategies worked (or didn't work) and apply that experience directly to you.

It doesn't make them less smart, it just means they took a different path than you.


I myself have gotten tons of advice and tried lots of strategies, courses and programs. At the end of the day I felt like something was missing and they weren't really understanding me.

I was right.

I was getting a lot of individual pieces to the overarching growth strategy I was seeking. But these shiny "one-size-fits-all" systems only worked for basic cookie cutter businesses, they didn't work for me. 

You can implement these "systems" in places to fix individual parts, but they are never going to be your entire growth strategy. It's like buying parts for a car that's having trouble.

The best thing you can do is stop buying parts, figure out why the car is having trouble (or if it's even the right car for you), and then fix the car (or get a new one).

Spending too long without figuring this out can lead to an ugly end; business failure.

You're a smart, driven, capable entrepreneur. You deserve better than confusion, frustration and endless "trial and error."

A million times worth it. This one hour with Genevieve was one of the most valuable hours I have ever spent on my business.
— Kathryn Brown -

Are you ready to go from confusion and overwhelm to a focused plan, a reinvigorated business, and healthier cash flow?



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“After my first meeting with Genevieve, my team was catalyzed. Everyone knew exactly what they needed to do, and started doing it before she even left the room. We even had people in the office next door who overheard a bit of our session chime in and ask “who was that and how can I get ahold of her?” I am not recommending Genevieve to anyone, I’m prescribing her to anyone who desires success for their company. Take the prescription, call her to fill it, and cure your sales pipeline.”
— Tyler Philippi | Founder, HaloCar
I brought Genevieve in to talk about sales strategy for my company. She was quickly able to determine that we were missing a huge opportunity to provide ongoing value to our clients and were therefore leaving a lot of money on the table! Because of this short session, I am now developing a new product that will ensure that we are fully meeting our clients current and ongoing needs.”
— Jennifer Ruwart | RogerThat
Clear, concise, supportive, smart, and most importantly, respectful. Brilliance in action. Thank you for the perfectly grounding, smart advice! Thank you.
— Cinda Stevens Lonsway | Author, Advisor. New72Media